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A 16 Fld Sqn lapel badge has been commissioned and is now available from me for any ex-16 Fld Sqn members.

16 Fld Sqn lapel badgeThe story on the badge goes back a few years to a meeting I had with Russ (Benny Bennett) at the Southampton boat show. We were talking about our time in 16 and how sad it was that such an old Squadron had been disbanded etc etc.... shame there wasn't a lapel badge.

Then I mentioned it to Derek Stevenson; as the guy who hosts the 16 web site I thought he may know if a badge existed.

No there wasn't one so I set out to create one based on the badge that was commissioned for the Squadron 150th anniversary in 1975, the Malta Cross.

Derek and I chucked it back and forth over a few years but it never moved on; however last October after the Junior Leaders reunion in Dover I decided to look into commissioning a badge in memory of a Field Squadron now departed.

I had to get permission from the REA and submitted 6 designs They narrowed it down to three designs... or it may have been two, can't exactly remember.

Derek and I both agreed on the final design and then I saved up my weekly pocket money to get the tooling and production done.
Please note they are NOT in a box. The photo in the box is for display only.

If you're in touch with any ex 16 lads perhaps you can spread the word.

Order from Steve Burt

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Our association was founded 9 years ago by a group of like minded ex-boys in 2000.We had our first re-union in October 2000, and have subsequently met every October since.....The original aim was to reunite all those who started their service with the Boys Squadron Aldershot and then its successor the Junior Leaders Regiment Dover, or served as permanent staff.We have now opened up membership to graduates from the Army Foundation College also, when badged RE.In 2009, it will be the 10th anniversary of our founding, and with a growing and enthusiastic membership, support for the future of the Branch looks assured.